Our Services

Ohpen Pte Ltd solutions takes care of transforming complicated issues into simple ones. This enables us to move beyond typical basic website development services and branch into different perspective of business operations.

Ohpen Pte Ltd solutions focuses in our people and business to cater the fast-paced needs of our clients. Our services ranges to all sorts of clients as we cater into different divisions within the company in order to support full-fledge services and commitment.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) helps to properly organise collaborative creation of various digital content creation. On top of that, CMS also keeps track of customisable contents based on how prioritisation is being done on the system itself. The major advantage of making use of CMS is that it requires close to zero technical skills and knowledge to master and acquire it. We will strongly recommend CMS system to tag into your needs if frequent tracking of contents is required in the absence or reducing the reliance of the IT support personnel.


Considering the fraction of the cost of a retail shop, Do not be surprise how much more dimensions an online store is being able to reach out even further branching into many 'untouch' part of the market. If your competitors are already doing it, what are you waiting for?

  • Tracking of orders
  • Ease of payments
  • Promotion of sales
  • Managing the control of shipping and tax

Web Maintenance

Worried about your sites that is cluttered with dust, trash and bugs? Yes ! That is poorly maintained and content which is noticeably out of date, links are broken and you can find the consistency of style which had been degraded. Worst case scenario, the relevance are all gone sending wrong information to web visitors.

Do not allow your site to become cyber ghost town! Full Extensive coverage of both browser and content maintenance.

  • Addition / Editing of Content & Text
  • Addition / Removing / Replacement work on Meta Tags
  • Updating Information inclusion of (Contacts Information including Maps usage)
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Addition / Removal of email accounts
  • Site recovery for website hacking / malware scripts
  • Full site backup according to customisable schedules
  • Security enhancement
  • Constant updates and monitoring on website’s version being updated

Online Marketing Solutions

Targeting strategies, generating web traffic, making use of keywords, display advertising..etc. Came across with these terms?

We are here to share and help to guide through how to benefit from social media and online tools. In addition, reviewing on the current threats and how the competition is doing.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Photography / Videography

Its hard to imagine a website only do contains chunk and chunk of words. Our in-house photographers are well trained and experience in producing photos and videos that helps to gain the overall design and entire 'feel' of the website.

What is needed from Professional Photography?
  • Brochures / Menu/ Posters
  • Websites
  • Corporate and Special Events

Hosting Support and Solutions

We quickly tap on the success integration of cloud computing technologies as we realise the potential and business advantages we can benefit from! Come down and consult us to know how to better use with your resources and do more with your business!

  • Platform - The first model of cloud computing is we need a service that our program can rely on (Etc. Operating System)
  • Infrastructure - The second model is where we deal with storage, computing and hosting services.
  • Software - The third model is where softwares is required which deals with end-users

Brand Strategy / Strategic Planning

We are here to define how to create and enlarge your own cyber space in areas where we look into competitor/s dominated industries. We are here to share our expertise and help to analysis the areas to look out for beyond. We are here to gear you up with the essential and suitable marketing tools and knowledge for you to grow and soar. With the right image, experience, knowledge and online presence, we believe that it will greatly boost sales opportunities.

Building Brand is a critical role. But How?

  • Auditing of Brand Position
  • Positioning of Brand Placement
  • Current Valuation of Brand
  • Brand Alignment
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand Strategy

CopyWriting Creation

Looking at what to write? We create useful, up-to-date and juicy contents. We will help you to identify the right advertising and marketing channel to help your voice viral and broadcast to the wide and right community. We also help review content and refine them time-to-time and drive customers to your preffered location.

Allow the right words to speak out the message to your audience. Ensuring they do get the idea and having the good experience. Structuring and choice of words matters. You tell us, we take care of it!